API Reference

The API Reference is a complete technical specification of the StubHub API requests and responses.

API or Category Description
Catalog Browse StubHub’s catalog of events, venues, zones, sections…everything that you need to create (or find) a fully defined listing.
Localization Retrieve localized message resources based on resrouce group or key and desired locale.
Search Refine your search for events, listings, venues, and other objects in the StubHub catalog and inventory.
User Management Make changes to your StubHub account. You can create price alert requests, update your contact information, change your StubHub credentials, and so on.
Fulfillment Fulfillment of buyer expectations for an order including delivery, substitutions, and order exception resolution.
Purchasing Buyer ticket purchase with functionality akin to a point-of-sale system including order placement and use of a cart.
Seller Payment Payment to a seller from StubHub for completed orders.