Get All Sales

Get All Sales


Get All Sales

This API returns information about your ticket sales on StubHub. The API returns a maximum of 200 sales per call.

Resource URL /v3

Query Parameters

Name Values Description

**Optional Parameter**. Default is no filtering. Filter criteria that will be used to refine the set of transactions that are returned. Each filter compares a sales transaction property to one of the following values: - A single value Syntax: `property:value`. For example, if the transaction takes a single value (an event ID) then the filter will show the following values: `filters=EVENT:768543` - List of values For filters that take a list of values, the syntax for specifying a list of property values is: `property: value1 value2 ... valueN` For example, if the transaction takes a list of values (234567, 334567, and 434567) , then the filter will show the following values: `filters=LISTINGIDS:234567 334567 434567` - Range of values For the filters that take a range of values, use the TOoperator to specify the range. The syntax for specifying a range of property values looks like this: `property: value1 TO value2` For example, for all transactions initiated between March 1, 2016 and June 5, 2016 (inclusive) the filter shows the following values: `filters=STATUS:ACTIVE,EVENTDATE:2015-03-01 TO 2015-06-05` Multiple filters are separated by the reserved word AND (case sensitive). For example, the following code filters for specific listingIds and filters for a date-of-sale range for those listings: `filters=LISTINGIDS:234567 334567 434567 AND SALEDATE:2015-06-01 TO 2015-06-05` **Available filter attributes**: - SALEDATE: [fromSaleDate TO toSaleDate] Get all sales up to this date (max of 90 days) [eg: SALEDATE:[2013-06-01 TO NOW] or SALEDATE:[2013-06-01 TO 2013-06-30] or SALEDATE:2013-06-01] - SALEID: [sapce seperated SaleIds] - STATUS: [space separated STATUS] Possible values are PENDING, CONFIRMED, SHIPPED, DELIVERED, SUBSOFFERED, CANCELLED, DELIVERYEXCEPTION, ONHOLD, PENDINGREVIEW - LISTINGIDS: [space separated ListingIds] - EXTERNALLISTINGIDS: [space separated external ListingIds] - EVENT: EventId - EVENTDATE: [fromEventDate TO toEventDate] - DATELASTMODIFIED: [yyyy-MM-dd TO yyyy-MM-dd] OR [yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ssTOyyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss] - PRICE: [fromTicketPrice TO toTicketPrice] - QUANTITY: [fromSoldQuantity TO toSoldQuantity] - DELIVERYOPTION: [space separated deliveryOption] Possible DELIVERYOPTION Values: BARCODE, PDF, UPS, FEDEX, LMS, ROYALMAIL, DEUTSCHEPOST, WILLCALL, FLASHSEAT, COURIER, MOBILE_TICKET, LOCALDELIVERY, EXTERNAL_TRANSFER, OTHER - VENUEID: venueId - GENREID: genreId - ACTION: action of sales, single value Possible values: GENERATE, REPRINT, UPLOAD, ENTER, COURIER, PROOF


**Optional Parameter** A pair of space-separated tokens that specifies how the sales transactions are sorted. - First token identifies property of the sales transactions for sorting. You can specify any one of the following properties for the first token: EVENT, SALEDATE, EVENTDATE, QUANTITY, PRICE, STATUS, DELIVERYOPTION, SALECATEGORY, PAYOUT, INHANDDATE, SECTION, ROW - Second token specifies the direction of the sort - `Asc` for ascending order, `Desc` for descending order Syntax: `property Asc/Desc` Example: - Single Value Sort: `sort=EVENTDATE Desc` to sort by descending order of event dates. - Multiple Values Sort: `sort=SALEDATE Asc,QUANTITY Desc,PRICE Asc` In this example, the parameters are sorted in the following order: - By sale start date (in ascending order); - If any transactions have the same start date, then they are sorted by quantity (in descending order); - If any transactions are identical in both the start date and quantity, then they are sorted by the price (in ascending order).


Index of the first sales transaction, within the filtered and sorted set. Indices are 0-based i.e., the syntax for specifying the first sale is `start=0`


Number of transactions you wish to retrieve. Default is 200, which is also the maximum number of rows that will be returned by the API at a time


If true, will populate venueSummary in response


If true, will populate genreSummary in response


If true, will populate eventSummary in response

Header Parameters

Name Values Description

To generate an access token, use the [generateToken API]( Note that you will need to add a 'Bearer ' prefix to your access token. Otherwise, you'll get an 'Invalid Access Token' error



Request Body

HTTP Basic

OAuth 2.0



Make a request and see the response.

Make a request and see the response.

Make a request and see the response.

Response Error Details

  • HTTP Code
    Error Code
  • 404

    Not Found

  • 401

    Not authorized to access the listing

  • 403


  • 500


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Get All Sales