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To generate access tokens for your sellers, please contact our API support team


You'll need to refresh your token every 6 months. You can use the refreshToken API to refresh your token

To generate an access token:

  1. Concatenate your app’s consumer key and secret separated by a colon (:) like this - yourAppKey:yourAppSecret
  2. Generate the Base64 encoded value of this concatenated text.
  3. In the authorization header for generateToken API, enter Basic followed by the Base64 encoded value you generated using this format: Basic base64encodedValue
  4. In the request body, send the email and password for the applicable StubHub account you created (refer to Creating your StubHub user account section in the Getting Started page), in this format: { "username":"www.stubhub.com account email", "password":"www.stubhub.com account password" }

Important: The email/password you send in the request body must belong to an account created on www.stubhub.com and NOT your developer account created on beta-developer.stubhub.com.

  1. Your access token will show up in the access_token field of the response

You can then use this token and pass it as a Bearer token authorization header while accessing other APIs.


Here's an example CURL request:

curl -X POST --header "Authorization: Basic base64encodedValue​" --header "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{
   "username": "www.stubhub.com account email",
   "password": "www.stubhub.com account password"
}' https://api.stubhub.com/sellers/oauth/accesstoken?grant_type=client_credentials

We have a section to help you get started. Check it out.


Please contact our API support team by opening a ticket.