This module contains all the references to the Stubhub objects and properties that a query uses to perform a search to return the desired data. NOTE: If your application is accessing the StubHub Object module from a browser, use window.StubHubJS to refer to this module


(static) EnhancedPerformer

(static) Event


(static) GeoPoint


(static) Performer


(static) Query


(static) RecoQuery


(static) Venue


(static, readonly) QueryParams :Object.<string, (QueryParam|function())>

Enums for all predefined QueryParam values. Use these values in an event query. Properties:  
Name Type Description
SPORTS QueryParam Sports events | performers (teams)
BASKETBALL QueryParam Basketball events | performers (teams)
NBA QueryParam NBA events | performers (teams)
WNBA QueryParam WNBA events | performers (teams)
NCAA_BASKETBALL QueryParam NCAA Basketball events | performers (teams)
NCAA_WOMEN_BASKETBALL QueryParam NCAA Women's Basketball events | performers (teams)
NCAA_TOURNAMENT QueryParam NCAA Tournament Basketball events | performers (teams)
BASEBALL QueryParam Baseball events | performers (teams)
MLB QueryParam MLB events | performers (teams)
NCAA_BASEBALL QueryParam NCAA Baseball events | performers (teams)
FIGHT QueryParam FIGHT events | performers (teams)
UFC QueryParam UFC events | performers (teams)
BOXING QueryParam BOXING events | performers (teams)
FOOTBALL QueryParam Football events | performers (teams)
NFL QueryParam NFL events | performers (teams)
NCAA_FOOTBALL QueryParam NCAA Football events | performers (teams)
HOCKEY QueryParam Hockey events | performers (teams)
NHL QueryParam NHL events | performers (teams)
NCAA_HOCKEY QueryParam NCAA HOCKEY events | performers (teams)
QueryParam Soccer events | performers (teams)
MLS QueryParam MLS events | performers (teams)
NCAA_SOCCER QueryParam NCAA HOCKEY events | performers (teams)
WRESTLING QueryParam Wrestling events | performers (teams)
NCAA_WRESTLING QueryParam NCAA Wrestling events | performers (teams)
CONCERTS QueryParam Concert events
MUSIC_FESTIVAL QueryParam Music Festival
ROCK_POP_HIPHOP QueryParam Rock, Pop, & Hip-Hop
JAZZ_BLUES_RNB QueryParam Jazz, Blues, & R&B
COUNTRY_FOLK QueryParam Country & Folk
DANCE_ELECTRONICA QueryParam Dance & Electronica
VOCAL_PERFORMANCE QueryParam Vocal Performance
RAP_HIPHOP QueryParam Rap & Hip Hop
BLUES QueryParam Blues
RNB_SOUL QueryParam R&B, & Soul
JAZZ QueryParam Jazz
CLASSICAL_VOCAL QueryParam Classical & Vocal
POP QueryParam Pop Music
REGGAE QueryParam Reggae
LATIN QueryParam Latin
NEWAGE_SPIRITUAL QueryParam New Age & Spiritual
ALTERNATIVE QueryParam Alternative
HARD_ROCK_METAL QueryParam Hard Rock & Metal
ROCK QueryParam Rock
WORLD_NEWAGE QueryParam World & New age
THEATER_COMEDY QueryParam Theater/Comedy/Shows events
DANCE_BALLET QueryParam Dance/Ballet events
CLASSIC_MUSIC_OPERA QueryParam Classical Music and Opera events
COMEDY QueryParam Comedy events.
SORT_BY_DATE QueryParam Sort the events by date in ascending order.
SORT_BY_POPULARITY QueryParam Sort the events by popularity in descending order.
HAS_TICKET QueryParam Search for only events that have tickets on sale.
INCLUDE_PARKING QueryParam Include parking tickets with the results.
CURRENT_LOCATION QueryParam Using an IP address to set a location automatically, within a 25-mile radius.
CURRENT_LOCATION_WITHIN_MILES QueryParam Return a QueryParam with a current location and a specified set distance in miles . e.g. CURRENT_LOCATION_WITHIN_MILES(25)



(static) initialize(config)
Initialize the StubHub Module.
Name Type Description
server Object StubHub API service endpoint
token Object StubHub API request token